Goat Yoga


Yes! Goat yoga really is a thing. Made extremely popular by Kevin Hart and Khloe Kardashian's video. I don't follow everything the Kardashian's did, but I definitely watched this entire video and wanted to try it myself.  

I signed up for the class at Fauve Yoga Club in Santa Monica for this 2 hour class for $40. This included a 1 hour vinyasa flow class and then follows it up with a 1 hour photo op with the goats. The class was taught by Yogi Maha and it was a challenging both physically and mentally, because all you want to do is pet the ridiculously cute goats. 

The goats were from Party Goats and their names were Spanky and Pippin, 45 pound Nigerian Dwarf Goats, who definitely know their yoga. They run underneath you in downward facing dog, put their hooves on you in child's pose, and will give you a tiny head butt. Of course they're still animals and their could be a poop or pee, but it's good luck. I definitely had a fantastic time with these cuties and got a somewhat decent workout, I was too distracted taking pictures of the goats and being hyper aware where they were in the room. Fauve Yoga will be offering Goat Yoga every other month and their studio facilities are new, clean, great staff, fantastic teachers, with free mats and props to use.

I highly recommend this for yoga and non-yoga fans! 💜

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