Happy Place Interactive Museum

The Happy Museum is the latest place to visit to brighten your Instagram feed. The latest Los Angeles pop-up exhibit is turning the expression "find your happy place" into a reality. The immersive series of themed installations, literally called Happy Place, is comprised of activities designed to make museum-goers smile.

We did a double date at the Happy Museum and had tickets booked for the last showing from 9-10pm on Sunday evening and had the entire museum to ourselves. We were able to take our time at each of the many picture areas, which was a huge contrast from battling others at 23Rooms

I want to live and raise my children in a world surrounded by what makes us happy. With the amount of unfortunate events happening recently, I believe that our world as a whole can use more happiness. To make this dream come true, we set out on a journey to create a special place filled with smiles and laughter for all.
— Jared Paul, founder of Happy Place
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Screen Shot 2018-05-15 at 11.59.01 AM.png

Experiences include the chance to become a flower in a flower patch, stand upside down, or jump from a rainbow into a giant ball pit. The "Paradise Room" will showcase sculptures designed by artist Steven Harrington, while the "world’s largest confetti dome" will rain 500,000 pieces of confetti down on visitors. An outdoor area will include a lemonade stand (with net proceeds donated to charity), a popsicle truck, lawn games, and a retail store. Even Happy Place's food will be Instagram-bait; an on-site food truck will feature "happy-themed items," including a Rainbow Grilled Cheese.

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