10 Travel Tips for Africa

Africa is pretty incredible and easy to get around. Everyone here speaks English and there are plenty of ATMs.

The two main things I wish I had knew before coming was...first there are so many different places you can visit wildlife that I hadn’t considered (such a Botswana and Kenya) and most people while visiting Africa will visit multiple countries to see different wildlife. There’s also the great migration in Kenya that happens twice a year that sounded quite interesting.

Second the time of year makes a huge impact on not just the weather, but what you will see. We went in March where the plant life is green and lush, making it harder to see animals at a distance, however the trade off is you see baby animals. Victoria Falls in March has high water levels and it created white outs while viewing, it would’ve been nice to see it slightly dryer which is later in the year, however it was still wonderful.

I would recommend anyone visiting to check on conditions before coming, so you know what to expect. We were extremely lucky to have randomly stumbled on a pretty good time of year. Below are some additional tips to help

  1. Give yourself time for this trip, there’s lots to see, most visitors visit at least 2 weeks.
  2. Bring Malaria Pills and get a TB shot, are very important this is an extremely high risk area.
  3. Open a Charles Schwab (http://www.schwab.com/referred) checking account to withdraw from cash from foreign ATM. 
  4. Have a Chase Sapphire (get 50k points) to use as a credit card to have no extra foreign transactions, it also comes with $300 yearly travel reimbursement, and priority pass for access to lounges for free.
  5. Purchase SIM cards from the Vodacom store for $12 for 1gb data from the airport or a neighborhood store.
  6. Mosquito repellent
  7. Binoculars to see wildlife
  8. Bring a zoom lens for your camera
  9. Kruger specific - Get a map/animal chart from the park store for $12. It has many roads that the signs don’t show you and you will lose GPS server in the park.
  10. Victoria Falls specific - Waterproof clothing, ziplock bags for your money & passport, and camera protection for the waterfalls.