What I Learned From My 2 Months Away

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My biggest takeaway from my 2 month trip is I like the person I’m now a lot more. I wasn’t self loathing before I went on my trip and I wasn’t traveling for a soul searching purpose. However I did go with one major unrealized downfall and that is I’m a workaholic, which I kind of cringe typing the word “workaholic,” because the crazy person in me still thinks I could’ve worked harder, even though I filled every waking hour with a to do list. 

At the height of my workaholism last year I had a full-time job, a demanding start-up app job (that I did before and after work), non-profit volunteer work, a product that I did social media for, extra design freelance, and hosted my local TEDx events. This also included the energy needed for my fiancé, my pets, my friends, exercising and own personal sanity. I should’ve taken how many times I was told I was a workaholic as a sign from the universe to just slow the bleep down. 

I now vow to slow myself down which includes, handling work in reason and give people my absolutely undivided attention. Another part of my overworking means I was always on my phone, I would wake up and go to bed checking my email, check social media multiple times a day, and my dreams were filled with the next day’s agenda. Whether I was wake or sleeping I was just constantly distracted.The more we spend time loving oneself instead of overworking ourselves, it will make us more personable and kinder to one another. 

The person I’m now also eats much healthier. The food I ate on my trip were not filled with preservatives, pesticides or from a pre-made box. The grocery stores are about a 1/3 of the size of an average Los Angeles grocery store. I started getting comfortable eating fresh fruits and vegetables. On the way home from the airport I stopped by Whole Foods and bought tons of colorful veggies and fruits. I’ve been everything pretty much raw and I feel like I have a ton more energy.

I want to be constantly submerged in nature. Living in Los Angeles I’ve been completely desensitized by how much concrete that I see on a daily basis. I drive 40 minutes each way to work in traffic on one of the busies freeways and I also work in a high rise in a cubicle that is completely sterile from nature. I didn’t even realize how completely unhealthy it is to be this removed, you need the oxygen boost that the trees give you. You need to be outside to fully appreciate what the universe is filled with. 

At one point of my trip I heard “What if you knew your last day was in a day, an hour, a year, in five years… how would you live differently?” I’m sure I’ve been told this before, but during the trip it really stuck with me differently. At that moment my answer was “I would live completely differently...I would be more honest and genuine to everyone. I would enjoy the present, and not be looking to the future. I would live my authentic self, without worrying about the opinions of others."