The Gold Coast

The gorgeous Gold Coast with multiple fine sand beaches filled with warm blue ocean water. We stayed at Paradise Island Resort, which was conveniently located to the beach. We also rented a car, so we can do a day trip to Tamborín Mountain and Byron Bay.




We arrived in Surfer’s Paradise on the last day of the Commonwealth games, so there was a lot of art exhibitions and performances happening from artists around the world. For example we played on musical see-saws and sang in a giant sing along. We saw performances from Holoscenes with actors inside a water tank and Blocks an acroyoga troop.

The Australian government scared the locals about the amount of traffic that would happen in town, most locals went on vacation and the town was unusually quiet. We were told that local businesses were actually suffering during the 3 weeks of commonwealth games.

The food in Australia has been incredibly delicious, it seems that most of the restaurants serve locally grown food. We had an açaí bowl and poke bowl and not only was it tasty, we had great ocean views.



On the second day we drove 15 minutes south down the coast to Burleigh Heads Beach to surf. However since we didn’t get there until 11am, we didn’t see any surfers and chickened out. We heard reports of shark attacks and felt unsure to have just the two of us go. Also later on that day we learned that Burleigh Heads is where the sewer run off is, so it’s good we didn’t go.

For lunch we went to California Tacos for some fresh and delicious fish tacos. The owner was from San Diego and his tacos were award winning, they also had a deal for Taco Tuesday. Afterwards we wandered the town and did some window shopping. On the way back to our Airbnb we stopped by Mermaid Beach to catch magic sunset hour at the beach.

We then met up our friend from the states Charles, who’s been traveling and teaching yoga for dinner at You Japanese. He brought his friend Clarence to dinner as well, afterwards we visited Clarence’s apartment in the Q1 high rise which used to be the tallest building until the Dubai building and is now the 4th largest building





Our final day was a relaxing one, we initially wanted to spend the day surfing, however it rained the night before and didn’t want to be in the dirty run off.

Instead we decided to make this a chill day and had delicious vegetarian brunch at Cardmom Pod. I highly recommend this place even if you aren’t vegetarian, every dish was extremely colorful and full of flavor.

We spent the afternoon watching Netflix and washing all our laundry. Then finished the day with a trip to Lord of the Fries a vegetarian/vegan fast food chain a local friend told us we had to try.



We packed up early and headed off on the road for a nature day. We headed back to our favorite restaurant Cardmom Pod for their breakfast menu and was not disappointed. The food here is so ridiculously good!

Then we drove to Tamborine Mountain, which was an hour away from Gold Coast. This beautiful outdoor area that we thought we could see everything in a few hours, but turns out is huge and you need about 2 days to see everything. We stopped to see Cedar Creek Waterfalls: a beautiful short hike that takes you to see 6 waterfalls.

After this we headed to our yoga ashram as Krishna Village where we will be spending the next 7 days practicing yoga and working on a farm.