One Day in Brisbane

Brisbane is the third largest city in Australia and is often skipped by those visiting the country. One of the things I wanted to do was to hold a koala and wanted to do it in an environment healthy for the animal. The Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary is the first and largest sanctuary with a 130 koalas and other Australian animals. 


The sanctuary is a hour and a half from the Gold Coast airport and it was an easy drive. I recommend purchasing the tickets on the Lone Pine website directly to save $4 on admission of AUS$36, The holding a koala pictures are an additional AUS$25. The sanctuary also has an actual coffee stand outside and makes delicious brew. This is also the perfect time to bring the selfie stick.

The koala holding is a very quick few minutes, because koalas are fussy creatures. They also need 20 hours of sleep today and I’m sure being constantly moved from person to person is quite annoying.


The other main attraction at the sanctuary is the kangaroo feeding area. Visitors get unlimited amount of time in this area and these kangaroos are use to visitors petting and taking selfies with them. In the general store you are able to purchase kangaroo food for $2, however the kangaroos seemed uninterested in the food because they’ve been fed all morning by other visitors.  

We attended the sheep dog show and learned about the Kelpi breed. This dog was bread from a border collie and a dingo, to help with sheep sheering. The border collie is the dog to herd the sheep, but then a kelpie gets into the sheering pen and makes sure the sheep is behaving. They were bred to ride the sheep, so they don’t get trampled. The Kelpi was still a puppy and was full of licks. The sanctuary also had viewings of other animals such as wombats, dingos, Tasmanian devils, cockatoos, bats, lorikeets, and owls.  

After the full 6 hour afternoon at the zoo, we headed to Brisbane city. Monday’s are an off day for Australians and it was difficult to find places that were open. We had dinner at the busy and popular restuarant called the Charming Squire. Then we were met up by local friends Martin and Tim for a walk by the river, with a tour through the gardens and drinks at a heritage home called The Little Big House.