Melbourne "The Most Livable City"

Melbourne is definitely justly named the world’s most “livable” city, it’s clean and modern with the most gracious people. The few days we spent in Melbourne went the quickest of any of our travel days and spent it with old friends and with new ones (The Melbourne locals are known as Melbournians).

The trip started after 30 hours of traveling on four leg flights. We arrived early in Melbourne at 5:15am and we were exhausted. The time difference from Africa and the multitude of flights and layover was intense. At the airport we purchased a 24g sim card for 30AUS ($24 US). Then we uber-ed to a friends house, who graciously let us stay over in the Brunswick area. If you have two people traveling it’s cheaper in an uber, then taking public transportation.

Then we took the train into the city centre for the Free Melbourne Walking Tour. We spent three hours walking around the city learning about important buildings and the history of the city. We saw various laneways, graffiti art, the old jail, Carlton gardens, world’s fair building, the library, the river, and the city skyline.

Melbourne’s History:

  • 4000 years ago the aborigine tribes walked over from Papa New Guinea when water the levels were low.
  • 1835 John Batman from Tasmania bought land from aboriginals
  • 1836 British asked for lands back from Batman and claimed it for Britain
  • 1880 Melbourne was the richest city in the world, due to its gold resource
  • 1901 Federation happened
  • 1951 Area named after Queen Victoria and separated from South Wales
  • 1956 Melbourne hosted the Olympic Games first country to host outside Europe and North America

Later that evening we met up with a friend named Jeanette and 2 of her friends for drinks at the Cabinet Bar. Afterwards our walking tour guide Desmond met us up and we had dinner at a street cafe called RMB. We then met up some other Aussie locals and went bar hopping: Rooftop Bar, 1806, and pizza pizza pizza. A notable aspect of Australia is that everything is fairly expensive, most notable is the price of food even with the included tip and tax in the price.


The next day we taught vinyasa yoga at Princes Park and then we had an acroyoga class taught by one of the students named Ceasar. We learned a lot of new acro moves and met some more nice locals. Then we headed off to another local friends (Nicole and John) going away party at Edinburgh Castle.


For dinner, we ate at Etta with local friends Jeanette and Kylie. Afterwards we had a ladies night with cocktails and pool, at Atticus Finch Bar and Amelia Shaw Bar.


The next morning took an uber to St. Kilda beach and had brunch at Republique with another local friend named Nina.  We walked around Luna Park and saw their crafts. We then spent the afternoon watching  local breakdancing competition called Mortal Kombreak that we were invited to by one of our yoga students named Linx. Another one of our yoga students named Lyndsay came with us to dinner at a delicious Moroccan restaurant called Moroccan soup, each person pays 25AUS and gets a complete vegetarian meal.


The next morning we hit Sydney Road and spend the entire day wedding dress shopping. This street has about 15 bridal shops most allowing you to purchase straight off the rack. The dresses in Australia are quite beautiful, but the prices are similar to US amounts, however at the airport you can get the tax back. This was an exhausting ordeal considering the multitude of shops. I ended up purchasing a dress that I’m happy with that needs quite a bit of alterations to fit properly. We finished the day with a final meal at Vegie Bar, a trendy vegetarian restaurant that had good food. We were also able to treat our hosts to dinner.

Overall Melbourne was a fantastic city and I could definitely see myself living here!