A Night in Kenya

We ended up subbing out the Sri Lanka trip, with a safari in South Africa. We booked our flight using Chase Sapphire CC points.

The flight schedule:

Delhi to Mumbai

Mumbai to Nairobi

Nairobi to Johannesburg

We left Delhi early morning and hopped on a plane to Mumbai. From Mumbai we had a 3.5 layover in which we used our Priority Passport card and enjoyed the lounge. In Mumbai our plane boarded on time and then sat on the runway for an 1.5 waiting for the senior pilot to show up.

From here we had a connecting flight to Johannesburg and because the flight was delayed we missed it. We ended up having to get a Kenyan visa to stay overnight in a comped hotel. Then having only three hours of sleep return back to the airport for the flight to Johannesburg.

Key takeaways never check in your luggage. We heard so many stories at the airport of lost luggage’s and luckily were able to carry ours on. Never trust itineraries with less then a 2.5 gap in transfers. You also can’t believe the stewardess who tells you don’t worry the other plane won’t leave without the 25 people on this flight that also need to catch the same connector. Needless to say we were pretty bummed to swallow some costs due to the missed connector. However, it was nice to get a very small glimpse of what Kenya is like.