India Train

My India train experience started with a six hours car ride from Rishikesh to Delhi then had to catch a 13 hour overnight train to Varanasi.

We arrived at Delhi with a few hours to kill so we visited Bangla Sahib Gurdwara a large Sikh temple. Everyone had to check in their shoes, wash their feet, and cover their hair. The building was beautifully white and the inside was a stunning gold, with many people praying to what look like a tomb. Outside was a giant water pool where people can relax, pray, dip their feet or pray at. They also had a library, museum with a 3D movie, and a kitchen that serves free food to all.

IMG_8053 2.JPG

The Delhi train station while not the easiest to get around, wasn’t as overwhelming as the movies made it seem. I imagined getting lost in a sea of endless people and losing my travel buddy in an instant. I heard in the morning when three trains arrive at the same time it could very much be like that.

Our train was schedule to depart at 6pm and we had second class tickets, meaning they were about $8 a ticked and we had non private bunks. We ended up having to sit separate in a train car that contained about 72 beds divided by curtains. I was assigned to a top bunk which was a bit more private had a huge AC above the bunk.

The train staff attendees walk quickly through the walkway that bring chai, water, and meals. I ordered a vegetarian dinner plate for 100rps that containers two curries, rice, dessert, and chipati. This was incredibly hard to eat being that the only space I could occupy was my bunk and the food was incredibly messy.

The train provides a pillow, two sheets, blanket, and a towel. After a bit of reading I was able to fall asleep, having to shift a bit through out the night due to the hardness of the bunk. Thankfully our stop is at the end of the line and we don’t have to worry about missing it.