Pregnancy Freebies

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Made it to week 25 and I’ve finally come to terms with needing to start buying items for this little bub to be. So far, I’ve been extremely slow at buying baby products just not to jinx the little guy. I’ve purchased this space saving mini crib (just $60 off NextDoor), this baby play mat, and a few baby onesies. We are super aware that baby items are super marked up and the price of purchasing items can quickly add up, so I’m using Facebook Marketplace and NextDoor app to find lightly used products easily at 50% or more off.

I’ve also ordered some pregnancy freebies yesterday, only drawback is that you have to pay for shipping, so I only grabbed the ones that the blogger still felt like was a good deal regardless of it. The free codes are from assorted mommy blog sites Rookie Moms, Krazy Coupon Lady, and Pulling Curls.

The were the free sites I ordered from: 

- Little Wanderers baby shoes 2 pairs of shoes free ($60 value) + $17 shipping / code CURLS333

- Carseat Canopies 1 car canopy free ($49.95 value) + $14.99 shipping / code CURLS333

- Custom Pacifiers 3 free custom pacifiers ($29.85) + $13.99 shipping / code PENNY1 (see picture below)

- Udder Covers 1 cover free ($14.95) + 14.99 shipping / code FREEUCOVER1

IMG_0261 copy.jpg

Baby Sling 1 free sling ($40.00) / code AThriftyMom1

Signed up for the Walmart Baby Box (sample subscription where they just charge you $5 quarterly, but you have to cancel) YouTube unboxing - picture on right

- Amazon Welcome Box is free if you sign up for their registry and purchase just one thing off - picture below

- Call ahead to find a Target store nearby that still had their welcome box in stock 

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