I'm Pregnant!

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*Random thoughts written on June 7th of what I was thinking and feeling when I found out I was pregnant, this was a planned pregnancy, but still unexpected that it would happen so fast.

This is my first time going through all this, so everything is super new and making me doubt if I’m imagining all of it all together. The thought of me saying the “P” word right now is a bit cringe-worthy, no offense, but it’s just a bit surreal.

Tomorrow I’m going to the obgyn to get a blood test, the doctor needs to check whether the baby is in there or not and how old the baby is. The baby should be somewhere between 4 to 6 weeks old and the internet says at 6 I can hear the heartbeat. The first official doctor visit isn’t until 8-9 weeks.

I’m feeling super sore on top, bloated in the middle, and cramping in the bottom. Not only that the roof of my mouth is sore and feels like I ate too much sugary candy. I’m also feeling nauseous, I feel like I’m standing on a boat in the middle of a storm. It is believed that the more symptoms happening the more your body is adapting for the upcoming changes and your baby will have less chance of miscarriage.

I was listening to Pea in the Podcast this morning where they say it’s really common for a miscarriage, somewhere around 25% and they think even more. This is why the recommendation is not sharing that you’re pregnant until 12-16 weeks pregnant. The cravings are super real and baby is making me crave sugar, bread, lemonade and chicken.