Student Feedback


"Bernice has a wonderful voice and flow (not just a flow of asana but her beautiful voice:) it is very relaxing to take her class, and also will feel you learned something from it too since she is very good at teaching alignments!" ~Kuniko Yagi, Executive Chef


"Had an awesome yoga experience! Bernice was a most patient and informative instructor. I did not feel ridiculous doing the moves for the first time. By the end of my yoga session, I was feeling quite challenged, physically and spiritually satisfied!" ~Lexi Chang


"I love Bernice's positive and calming demeanor and attitude. It's a joy to learn yoga from her!" ~George Shaw, Composer


"I love taking Bernice’s class.  She loves yoga and she will get you to love it too! Take her class and come away energized, refreshed and relaxed.  And she’s a super awesome human being too!" ~Ina Tice [RYT 200]


"Bernice is such a sweetheart! Her classes fill my heart so much I can’t help but to smile and dance my way through life the rest of the day.  She is my role model. Highly recommend her class. ~Katie Reines, Nutritionist


“Bernice’s teaching style was super welcoming for this beginner. She was accommodating to each of our levels. She made sure we know what each position looks like and that we know how to position ourselves properly. What a fun way to spend Sunday morning!  ~Siem La


Bernice was an awesome teacher !! Very accommodating to guests of all levels, good flow and great workout. Setting was beautiful and the weather was great, highly recommend her class :) ~Henry Kao


"Great flow, and great energy! Bernice makes an effort to make every student in her class feel taken care of. I love having her substitute for my classes. " ~Yogi Maha, [RYT 200] Power Yoga Teacher


"Bernice is a fantastic instructor. She stays true to the essence of yoga, not only do you get a great workout but get life benefits that seeps in slowly to your everyday life." — Elizabeth Fung

"Bernice’s warm heart and friendly personality shines through making her classes a joy to attend while also physically challenging!" ~Claudia Wong, Nurse Pratitioner


“Bernice is one of the most generous people I know. Her abundance and positive energy comes through her classes. She has so much to offer and is very accessible. You leave feeling calm and radiant!” ~Andie Ramirez, Meditation and Kids Yoga Teacher


"I've been taking yoga for a couple of years now and have tried out many different yoga classes. Recently I got to experience yoga taught by Bernice; although she is new to teaching yoga while taking her class I really could not tell that she was new as she went through the flow process and was hands on with correcting me when I did not pose correctly. I really enjoyed taking her classes and would highly recommend trying out one of her classes. I've been going whenever I can!" ~Sandra Lee







*Photos taken at the world famous Bryan Kest Power Yoga Studio